Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy weekend

We took on two of the bigger replacement windows Saturday. They were a lot harder to do as they were much heavier and higher up on the ladder than the other ones. After some measurement oops by me we got the new frames built and the windows set. The outside is trimmed, but we left the inside untrimmed for now. I'll finish it up this week. We wanted to soak one with water to make sure they don't leak first. Doing replacement windows in a brick opening is a little tricky and you have to rely on caulk a little too much to keep the water out. But the old 60 year old windows were done the same way and so far none have had any rot at all so it must be fine.

We also removed the rest of the ugly chain link fence. About 10 posts were set into concrete so we had to bust it up to get them out. At first we went with brute force and the 20 pound sledge hammer. Then we realized we own a rotary hammer drill so we put the concrete breaker bit on and knocked the rest out in no time. Still a lot of work, but we got it done. The yard looks so much better already. This week should bring some big changes to the house so stay tuned!

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