Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots of progress

The new stairs were poured and look great.
 The LVL's were set on the far side and some joists were hung. Another 8 months and we'll be cooking in there!
The new joists are 2x8 so they had to lift them up to match the height of the existing floor.
Anatomy of a 1950's floor. You can see the original 2x10 joist, then the sill plate, then I think it's 1x6 boards laid on the diagonal, and finally the original oak floor. The floor is going to be ripped up the whole way to the living room. We're still undecided on what type of wood we're putting in its place.
Anatomy of a 1950's wall. We have a 4" brick exterior layer joined to a 4" concrete masonry block followed up with 3/4" fir strips that the wire mesh plaster wall board was attached to. No idea how they ran electrical in there, but I assume it's going to a pain to change anything that's in there right now! Hopefully when we replace the windows the house will be a lot warmer because there's no way to add more insulation without building all new walls on the inside. 

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