Monday, December 12, 2016

Finishing Touches

We've been working away here on a number of finishing touches.  First up, the master bathroom.  After living with one bathroom/one sink since selling the last house, we're both extremely happy to have double sinks in our lives again!  We used a quartz product for the first time - this is Viatera Cirrus, with a marble-like look.  It's more white than the marble trim in the shower but works well with the tub and white trim in the bathroom.  We'll see how it holds up and decide if we want to use quartz again elsewhere.

Countertop in - the in-house plumber (Brian) is ready to start working on the fixtures
Fixtures (Moen Icon) are in!
And the finished product
Moving back to the kitchen - Brian fired up his welding torch to craft a custom steel base for the walnut bartop extension and finished the bartop itself.  This might be my new favorite part of the house (double sinks notwithstanding) as it's hard to state how gorgeous the wood is.  So, on to the pictures...

Setting up the welding shop in the garage
Getting all the legs on
Frame in place on the island
Back to working on the slab
Now with finish
All put together and in place!

Loving the live edge
Big island with bar top extension in place!

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