Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rock Solid Landscaping

We're solidly in the "spring showers" part of spring and it's been impeding some of our work on the front yard...but we're actually making decent progress nonetheless.  By "we," though, I should specify that the lion's share of this work was done by Brian and his friend Tim, as I took the weekend off to head up to see family in Burlington, VT (and was struck, again, by how far behind New England is from DC weather-wise - here, everything is budding and green; there, it's still coooold).  Tim's strength is second only to the bobcat so he was very helpful when it came to moving around boulders and planting large trees - and we owe him a huge thanks for coming down to help out!

We still have a couple weekends worth of work even if we get some unbroken sunshine as there's quite a bit of grading to do, sod to plant, and, eventually, flower beds to add in.  But, on the good news, the boulder wall is just about done (with the exception of mulch to add) and we've planted a number of the trees so hopefully they will get established and start growing.  Pictures from last weekend and before below:

Laying out the rest of the rocks and the trees.  We have three heritage birch trees and a dogwood on the corner

Nothing planted yet but rocks in place

Now with burning bushes in place in between the birches

This is starting to look a little better - birches planted and bushes in place.  Still need more mulch to cover the rest of the boulder wall.
And now with dogwood planted in the corner, along with some maiden grasses.  We've also started adding phlox, japanese juniper, and blue spruce between the boulders.

Moving along!  Still need to plant the evergreens on the left hand side and add mulch on the right but it's all starting to come together!

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