Monday, August 3, 2015

Welding work

Among other things the Bobcat was in need of a bucket fixing. I tried to get a local welding company to do it, but their pricing was a little vague and seemed kind of expensive anyways. So after watching a few YouTube welding videos I decided it looked easy enough so I bought a decent mig welder and went to town! Also bought a ton of other welding and metal cutting shit which is par for the course around here. In addition to the welder you need a helmet, clamps, magnetic right angle thingys, apron, gloves, all sorts of grinders, etc. We prefer not to pay anyone to do stuff so it's worth the cost! I have some ideas for furniture for the house so learning to weld will come in handy. Turns out welding isn't that hard. A bit tiring keeping your hand steady, but not hard to learn. The bucket metal is a little thick for my smaller welder, but I made it work. Also added some new sides so this thing should be ready to do some damage on the lawn. 

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