Friday, October 10, 2014

Ze Plans, Ze Plans!

We are getting closer to starting construction. We have a contractor narrowed down and should have our permits in hand in the next week or two. Hopefully demo will start this month! The plans look a lot like our last house, but on a larger scale. Adding a new second story and doing a two story bump out in the back. That seems to be the biggest bang for your buck construction wise. We're shooting for some nicer finishes on this house as the end price will be higher. If all goes well we will have the first and second floors done by the summer... Maybe Fall... next Winter at the latest.

Current first floor layout
Current basement layout - aka where we'll be living the next 6-8 months!

New basement layout.

New first floor layout. The deck will walk out onto a patio with grill and firepit. 
New second floor layout.

New front elevation. We're going with hardie siding and trim most likely in a dark blue with white trim. 

Right side view.
New back view.
Left side view. 

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