Sunday, December 8, 2013

Drywall and Decorations

We're back to work after a holiday break and moving forward on finishing the garage.  We decided to insulate, drywall, and heat the garage.  By fire code, we had to drywall two of the walls due to the garage's location on our property so, since we were required to undertake a certain amount of work already, it seemed to make sense to go ahead and drywall the whole thing and install two baseboard heaters to combat the usual cold of a detached garage.  We don't expect to ever set the thermostat very high but it should be helpful for getting our cars a bit warmer in the morning than they otherwise would be.  Of course, in order to have our cars warm and toasty, we have to finish the work first!  But we've made good progress so far, getting two walls and half of the ceiling finished and it was a great excuse to buy a new home improvement toy - a drywall lift.  This one has come in very handy and is quite fun to use too.  A couple more weekends and our garage should be fully completed.  We also took some time to do a little seasonal decorating since this is the first time in a couple of years that we've had enough finished space to get a Christmas tree.  Quite an improvement from last year's Christmas construction zone!

Insulated ceiling and walls, ready for drywall

One wall nearly done

Breaking in the drywall lift

Works great!

Ready for the holidays

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