Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inside and Out

This weekend was spent doing a fair number of non-house things so not much visible progress but we do have a few photos to share - first, our new grill arrived and it is a beauty!  Almost 7 feet of stainless steel, the grilling area alone is about twice the size of our old grill, plus it has a side steamer and two side burners to make it a true outdoor kitchen.  The Wolf range suddenly has some competition!  We haven't converted it to natural gas yet (nor moved it over the hookup, which is why you can still see the white pipe to the left side) but we'll be breaking it in tonight.

The contractors have also almost finished the garage and it has plenty of room for both of our cars and the bobcat.  Everything should be snug in there this winter.  It includes a second story loft space that's a couple of hundred square feet as well.  Right now, we're not planning on finishing it out and will just use it as storage/work space for our tools although we may change our minds about that later.  We still need to run electricity to the garage, install windows and doors, siding, etc. so there's a lot of work yet to do but it's nice to see the garage start looking like it might be finished at some point.

And finally, we did a little more gardening, adding bamboo to the side of the yard behind the left patio wall.  Our neighbor up the street has a huge patch of bamboo and kindly allowed us to dig some up and cart it home.  We're hoping it will fill in nicely to provide a sound/sight barrier between our yard and the neighbor's yard.  And if it doesn't, we'll just go up the street and dig up some more!

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  1. Keep an eye on that bamboo; it spreads like crazy!