Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I'm a little late with this post since it's about our weekend work, but better late than never.  We added to our power tool collection on Saturday with a new 20" chainsaw and broke it in on Sunday by cutting down a big tree in the backyard.  Like so many DIY projects, we didn't think this one was going to be quite as big as it turned out to be (lesson of the day: trees look smaller while upright).  With some effort, though, we got the tree safely down and chopped up so we now have a good stack of logs for next winter, a big pile of brush for wood-chipping (thank you, Arlington, for your free brush pickup service), and some much-needed sunlight and space for two smaller trees that we planted last year.  And, with a new chainsaw in the house, we're suddenly looking forward to the next big storm.

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