Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guest bath started

Having picked up all the tile supplies for the guest bath last night today I dug into the install. As usual the first row is the hardest and then it goes a little faster. Hopefully I'll be able to knock out some more this week before the holidays get here. We're hoping to have this bathroom ready for us to use by next month. Our 1950's bathroom we're currently using has long passed its retirement age so it'll be nice to have a modern bathroom again. We're using simple 6x8 white subway tile and we're going to add a dark marble in two accent strips along the wall to match the countertops (that we haven't picked out, but hopefully will be something dark). The cabinets are a lighter wood as is the flooring so it should all look nice together. We are way under budget on the materials for this bathroom which is good because our master bathroom is probably going to be more expensive than we had originally planned.

Our drywall guys installed the Durock in the bathrooms so it's an easier install for us. All I needed to do was tape the joints with mold resistant fiber mesh tape and thinset over everything. The floor needs another layer of self leveling compound as the first coat wasn't quite perfectly level. I ordered another brand this time that has a higher working time - 20-25 minutes - compared to the 5-10 minutes of the stuff we used before. It should flow a little better and level itself out better.

We were lazy so we set up a Dexter-like kill room for the wet saw upstairs. This way we don't have to walk down 2 sets of stairs and cut tile in the freezing cold!


  1. Hey Brian,
    Looking good !!
    We were looking to buy something similar in washington DC, and then build a 2nd floor onto it.
    What did it cost you guys for just the 2nd flook addition ?

  2. Our 2nd floor was pretty big at about 1200 sqft and we added another 250 sqft to the first floor with the kitchen/dining area. So figuring at about 1450 sqft most builders are going to charge you north of $200/sqft finished with nice finishes. We're doing most of the work ourselves so just the shell (exterior/roof/framing) was about $60-70/sqft once you factor in the permits and everything. I think we'll be around $135/sqft once it's all said and done. But that's finishing out the basement and adding a garage. Most builders wouldn't even talk to us when we mentioned $100-125/sqft to do the renovation.