Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cabinets installed

The last two cabinets took us a few extra hours of planning, but they are now installed. Both the fridge cabinet and pantry required exact filler strips and left zero room for error. To help us out we bought a new toy yesterday in the form of a Rigid table saw. Just what we needed! The kitchen turned out better than we had in our heads and the countertops aren't even in yet. The design is very open and working in it is great. Everything is within a step or two. The only problem is when the sun is out it's almost too bright. Not a bad problem to have, but we may need to find some shades for the french doors. Next up we need to put up the crown molding, cabinet pulls, backsplash, molding around the rest of the room, and a few lights and we'll have the first finished room in the house!

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