Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy Weekend

There are a few things that aren't very noticeable in these crappy cell phone pictures, but are a huge milestone for us. One is that we are finished painting the kitchen/dining area (and that we had finished walls to paint in the first place). Also, the rest of the house is primed and ready for finish coats. After a wrong paint choice by me that ended up way too dark, we went with something that is a light grey that looks better in the bright rooms. It doesn't show up well in the pic, but its quite nice against the white walls and bright white trim.

We also put down some flooring (without nails for now) and are trying to figure out a solution to our problem of crooked walls. Do you go with matching the current hardwood floor that looks straight in the old living room, but would be crooked in the new addition? Or do you go with the straight walls in the new addition, but might end up a bit crooked in the old living room? Hmmmm... We'll probably split the difference and I assume we'll have to make some adjustments no matter what we do. At least the stranded bamboo blends well from board to board that makes it hard to see the seams.

The last milestone we knocked out is that we now have lights... whenever we want them... at the flick of a switch. Combined it all means the kitchen is getting very close to being functional again and we can stop living like pack rats.

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