Saturday, May 21, 2011

A new view

We replaced the big front window today. Big thanks to Dan who was our guest DIY'er for the heavy lifting. The old windows barely opened and were very drafty. Plus we found a huge ant colony making a home inside the trim and brick. Some Raid took care of them and we demolished their little home so they won't come back. That should take care of the ant problem we had in the kitchen last summer. There are only two more old windows to replace so we'll probably tackle that next weekend.

We're hoping to get some more painting in tomorrow if the weather is nice. Once painting is done we can start adding the trim to the replacement windows which should tie them in to the new ones nicely.

Kristin fell and bruised her leg... it is unclear why she decided to walk down the makeshift front steps on the side that isn't attached to anything. She's considering suing the installer (me), but honestly I don't think she has a case. I mean, the steps are clearly makeshift.

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