Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy day today....

Lots of progress today. Excavation for the new addition started. We also got our first bit of bad news... The basement walkout needs to be replaced. So there's a big hit to the budget we weren't expecting. Hopefully that's the only surprise for the shell construction.

We wanted to get the driveway ripped up in preparation for the power company to bury our lines underground. Eventually in the Spring we'll finish the driveway in pavers. It ended up being a lot more work than we thought with the asphalt being 2-3 layers thick in some spots. But Kristin learned how to swing the sledge hammer and we finished it all.

We also plumbed in a new utility sink in the basement since we're about to lose our kitchen for a few months. The old 1950's concrete sink was gross so we busted it up and hauled it out. The new plastic sink is all shiny and new so we (Kristin) won't mind cleaning our dishes in it.

We also had our first injury today... Kristin broke a nail. I had a hangnail, but I took care of it while Kristin was digging out the driveway.

In the background  you can see our new half bath... I know, pretty awesome. If you're in the neighborhood and need to go feel free to stop on by!

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